Barry Spanger

Meet Your Business Mentor

I’m a business veteran – with a track record to prove it!

When you work with me, you will benefit from my many years of practical business and leadership experience – my MBA too, as well as my 15 years of experience as a Business Mentor and Coach.

My Business Career – Over my own business career, I’ve transformed a number of SMEs into large, successful businesses.

I previously owned a small business in South African, which grew into one of the country’s largest suppliers of air conditioning components.

Since relocating to Melbourne nearly 30 years ago, I completed a Masters of Business Administration degree, and then I turned a small, home-based snack vending machine business into one of the state’s leading independent operators of food and drink vending services.

My Business Mentoring Experience

Over the past 15 years, I have shared my business knowledge and experience in mentoring many business owners and managers from different industries in Victoria.

Someone to talk with

Being a business owner or manager can be a lonely experience at times.

You can benefit from having someone to share your business problems with, bounce off your dreams and ideas – someone whose expertise you can trust.

I am someone who is able to tell it like it is – without the emotional attachment.

As your business mentor and coach, I will provide you with honest and objective guidance across all business functions.

I will help you to implement smart yet simple strategies to advance your business growth and financial success.

Learn more about how I can help you to grow and improve your business.

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Guidance You Will
Actually Apply

My clients choose to work with me because I understand the realities that small businesses face. I speak your language – and I offer smart, sensible guidance that you can actually apply.

I have walked in your shoes – having built and operated my own successful businesses, I understand just how you are feeling, and coping in managing your business.

Expertise Across All Business Functions

From financial management and planning to staffing, sales and marketing – I have a sound knowledge and experience in all key business areas, which gives me a balanced perspective. Having successfully applied it all in my own businesses, I am well qualified to help you to benefit from my experience in your business.

I also understand  how to synchronise all of these, so that you can achieve optimal business performance and growth.

More Than a Respected Business Person

It goes without saying that you want to work with people who are good at what they do. But don’t you also want to be around people you genuinely like and respect? I know I do.

‘Business person’ isn’t all that defines me. I’m also a friend, husband, father and grandfather – known by all for my warm, friendly manner, direct approach and sense of humour.