Do you understand what your current business situation is, where you want to take it to, and what you will need to do, in order to achieve your goals?

Are you spending your valuable time and cash wisely?

Are you working IN the business instead of working ON the business?

Are there not enough hours during the day to attend to everything that you need to do?

Are you short of operating money and also staff, which is holding you back from achieving your business goals?

You need a Business Plan!

Similar to using a map to plan a journey, you need to plan where you will take your business, and how you will allocate your time and your money to get there. 

Building your business without a Business Plan, is like trying to bake a cake without a recipe!




A Business Plan will help you to set your organisational and financial goals on where you want to take your business in the future.


Provides you with a priority list of all the tasks you will need to undertake, to help you to achieve your business goals. 


Understanding how much time and money will be needed to achieve your goals, what your major priorities are, and who will be responsible for completing the tasks in the Action Plan.


You might need to provide a Business Plan to support an application for a loan, the transfer of a property lease by the Landlord, or in support of a Visa or Immigration Application.


Your Banker or your Shareholders will have greater confidence in your management skills, if you can provide them with your formal plan on how you will grow and finance your business, and your detailed plans for managing and growing your business successfully.


I have helped many business owners to determine their profitable business futures, and I will work with you to develop your own unique Business Plan, within a short period of time.

 I can also help you on other important parts of your business, including:

Coaching & ImplementationI will help you to implement your Action Plan, as well as coach you and your staff towards improving the quality of your service and your business efficiency.


Business Analysis – An analysis of all aspects of your business, the market in which you operate and the potential growth opportunities available to you.


Systems Review – A review of all your current management and operating systems and processes including; sales & marketing; financial management, operations, staff recruitment & training, and then I can recommend how they can be improved.


Marketing Review – I will review of all aspects of your marketing program, including Direct Sales, Online Marketing, Advertising, and then help you to develop strategies to increase your sales and market penetration.


Ongoing Mentoring – I can meet with you  on a regular basis, and review your progress in implementing your Business Plan.


Start planning the future growth of your business – lets talk about how I can help you.

Your Business Strategy

Is your dream business turning into a real-life nightmare?

Are your operating costs spiralling out of control, or are you losing customers to the competition?

Is staff productivity poor?

Are you experiencing a high level of staff turnover?

Are you spending money on promotions and advertising without seeing any real benefits?

Are you short of cash and low on profits?

Wasting your time & money on quick-fix solutions?

Your bankers and partners will have greater confidence in you, by seeing your plans to grow and finance your business, and how you will manage the business successfully.

Tried some of these panic reactions without much success?

Increasing or reducing your staff numbers without any real benefits.

Increasing your advertising budget without determining the real reason for the lack of sales.

Reducing your expenses without considering the other negative effects on your business.

Effective solutions should be based on facts

Self-diagnosing your own business’s weaknesses and attempting to fix them with crash programs, without understanding the real reason for your under-performance can be  just a waste of money.

Basing decisions and urgent actions on “gut feelings” generally results in disappointment, not success!

Smart, effective solutions to business problems should be based on evidence and facts – not intuition, or wild hunches.


You need to get a dispassionate view from someone not involved in the day-to-day running of the business, to help you to re-focus your efforts, and implement workable solutions.

I can review your current business strategy, to align it with your business systems, and procedures, including:

Sales, marketing, and customer relationships
Your marketing & brand strategy
Staff performance, recruitment and selection processes
Financial management and resource allocation
Your operational processes and systems
Manufacturing or product procurement procedures

After a thorough assessment of your business goals and performance, I will help you to develop and implement an action plan to get your business back on track.

Why not give me a call!

Managing Your Time Better

Is Inefficient Time Management Hurting Your Business?

Are you frustrated because you would like to grow your business, but there are never enough hours in the day to do so?

Are you stuck doing too many mundane tasks, that you just don’t have the time to concentrate on growing and improving the business?

Are you short of time and money?

Do you find that you are constantly short of money in your business – the debtors just don’t pay on time, and the suppliers insist on getting their payments promptly?

Meanwhile, items such as rental and wages must be paid, and you are often being called upon to invest even more money into your business?

Many small business owners and managers suffer from this problem – shortage of time and lack of money.

This results in you being forced to spend too much of your time “plugging the gaps”, instead of being able to concentrate on growing the business and increasing your profits.

How well do you manage your time?

Are you able to decide what the more important tasks are which require your personal time and attention, and which less important tasks can be delegated to others?

Do you make the most efficient use of your time, or do you first tackle the jobs that you enjoy doing, rather than the important tasks that need to be done in order to grow your business?

Do you know how to delegate tasks to others?

If you want to grow your business, you can’t do everything yourself – you need the assistance of either staff or some specialist sub-contractors.

You need to decide which are the major roles that you should be doing yourself, and which are the less important ones, that you can delegate to others.

Here’s how I can assist you

Efficient Business Planning  I will help you to create a business plan, so that you can decide what the main goals and directions of the business are, and what are the major tasks that are necessary in order to achieve these goals.

Efficient Allocation of Your Time You will learn how to allocate your and your staff’s time more efficiently, so that you can maximise the benefit that you will achieve.

Your talents and your staff, should be used correctly, so that you can grow the business, while also improving your sales, your profits and your cash flow.

Improving your Productivity Having operated my own successful businesses, I know from experience how a business can benefit substantially through improved time and resource management.

I will help you to improve your own productivity through efficient time management.

This will allow you to concentrate on the major tasks that will bring the most value to your business, leading to improved performance and efficiency.

Let’s chat about how improved productivity will improve your business profits?

A Strategy to Grow Your Market Share

Do you know exactly who your customers are for your products or services, so that you can plan exactly how you are going to attract their attention?

Can you describe your customers in clear definable terms, or do you see your market as “anyone out there”?

To grow your business, improve your profitability and win a greater share of your chosen markets you need a well planned marketing strategy.

Is your Marketing Strategy focussed?

When you started your business you probably had a clear idea as to the type of customer you wanted.

However over time, you might have compromised your ideas by offering discounts, and deals with customers who were not prepared to pay a fair value, and place little value on the quality service that you provide?

Are you now chasing those kind of sales – regardless of profit?

Building your marketing strategy around profitability – not just sales

Spending too much time and resources chasing new customers, when you could concentrate on offering additional services or products to your existing profitable customers?

Less profitable customers can take up too much of your time and resources, while fewer, more profitable customers, will ensure that you can manage your resources better.

This will allow you to concentrate on expanding your business into the most profitable market segments.

Are you talking Features or Benefits to your Customers?

Does your advertising, websites and promotional material concentrate more on the features of your business and your products, and not enough on how the product and service can benefit the customer?

When a customer considers doing business with you, they essentially want to know, “what’s in it for me”.

When they decide to buy from you, the actual product or service that you offer is simply a means to an end for them.

I can analyse your existing website and promotional material to determine if they are focussing on the customer’s needs and on solving their problems, and how this might impact on their buying decision.

You Need A Marketing Plan!

I can assist you in creating and implementing a Marketing Plan, that will permit you to focus your resources on the type of customers that is going to grow your business and your profits.

Give me a call and let’s talk Marketing?

Increasing Your Sales

Is your business not making enough sales?

You have a good range of products; the supply lines are well established: you have set some competitive sales prices; you have trained your sales team; you have set sales targets – but your sales results are below your expectations. Does this sound familiar?

How efficient is your sales staff?

If you are relying on sales staff to increase your sales, are you sure that they are as productive as you would like them to be? How effective are they when trying to sell your products or services  to your customers?

You are probably the best sales person in the business, but you can’t do the job as you are too busy looking after a hundred other tasks in the business.

How efficient is your sales management processes?

Lack of Sales Structure?

Often, the reason for lack of sales is the lack of a structure or effective processes to measure and monitor your sales effort. While financial sales targets are important, they can only be achieved if key behaviors are undertaken in a regular and disciplined way.

Lack of Behavior Targets?

A sales team needs to be given specific behavioral targets in order to achieve the desired sales and financial outcomes of an organisation.

By monitoring these targets closely, you can ensure that your sales staff is operating at its full potential, and that your customers are being serviced efficiently.

How I can help you

I can show you how to set up an effective sales management plan, that will assist you in monitoring the efforts and productivity of your sales people.

We can then establish a range of specific tasks, behaviors and targets that will need to be followed by the sales staff, as well as a process of measuring their progress. Some of these could include:

Staff Sales Meetings: Setting up regular group sales meetings where reports are circulated, and weekly activity targets are set, and discussions held on how to improve contacts with customers.

Staff Productivity: Monitoring the number of weekly phone calls and sales visits to clients and prospects and the numbers of cross, or up-sells.

Meetings with individual sales team members, in order to drive their activities, monitor their key behaviours. and provide individual coaching.

By establishing a sales monitoring system in your business, I will help you to ensure that your sales effort is being professionally managed. This will also allow you more time to work on other aspects of managing your business.

Contact me for more details.

Managing Your Staff

Are you an effective team leader?

Operating your own business and also controlling the staff, is often compared to being like the conductor of an orchestra – everyone is playing their part,however sometimes the musicians are not keeping up to the beat, and the music sounds out of tune!

Who is to blame – usually it is the Conductor – not the Musicians?

Are you Spending Too Much Time on Staff Issues?

Spending too much time solving staff problems, instead of being able to concentrate on improving and growing your business and your profits?

Many owners and managers find that successfully managing staff can be one of the most frustrating part of running a business.

Are you Managing your staff, or are they Managing You?

As a business owner or manager, your major challenge is get both you and your staff to play “the same sweet music”. In order to achieve this you need to ensure that your “players” are happy and motivated, as well as competent and well trained, so that you can all operate effectively as a team.

Staff Turnover – a wasted growth opportunity

Have you had to terminate the employment of a staff member because they were not performing their job well enough? Do you have members of your staff choosing to leave your employ?

Pay or salary issues are rarely the real reason why people leave their jobs – often it is just because of poor staff management by their manager.

Each time you lose a staff member the costs of replacement and the time taken to train the new person impacts on the quality of your business, as well as your profits.

Is Your Business a Great Place to Work at?

As an efficient business manager, you need to know the factors that impact on staff turnover rates, and understand what motivates your staff and affects their productivity.

If you want to run a successful company you need to realise that people are your most valuable asset and to achieve success you need to have efficient staff management policies and processes.

Improving your Staff Management

I can show you how to implement staff management processes that will positively impact on all areas of your business, that will benefit both your employees and your business. These include:

Recruitment & selection
Job descriptions
Staff training
Working practices
Rewards & recognition

The benefits for you would include reduced staff turnover and saving on staff retraining costs; improved staff loyalty; and increased productivity.

I can show you that by improving the way that you employ and manage your staff, you can improve the overall quality of your business, and how it can result in increased performances and profitability.

Why not give me a call!

Buying a New Business

The dream of owning your own business!

Many people have a dream of owning their own business, and no longer having to answer to a boss. We probably have all heard stories about people who have invested substantial amounts of their capital, as well as borrowed funds, only to find the dream of their business independence, turned into a nightmare.

The nightmare of owning your own business?

Many new business owners soon discover that the long hours that they are working is affecting their health and the quality of their family life, that the new business is performing poorly, and that they have serious concerns that their dreams for personal and financial freedom are being destroyed.

Evaluating the business opportunity

When you are considering starting or buying a new business, you need to try to avoid taking “gut feeling” decisions, and to spend some time in researching the type of business or industry you are considering investing in, and how suited you are to managing that business

How competent are you as a Manager?

Are you able to perform all of the business roles yourself?  Is your time management skills good enough, to allow you to do all of the tasks required, plus manage and finance your new business?

Working in your own business will be very different to working for a Boss – you will probably have less staff, and you will need to do many unfamiliar jobs yourself.

Many new, first-time business owners, find that there are insufficient hours in the day to attend to all the tasks, with the result that not only can the business and their personal finances suffer, but their health and well-being can be put at great risk.

You need some assistance

If you don’t have the experience of evaluating a business before you buy it, or you have little experience at managing your own business, I can help you!

Having purchased and operated my own successful businesses in the past, I am well equipped to guide you along the way.

Evaluating the Business Opportunity – As an experienced business mentor and coach, I can act as a balance against your natural enthusiasm to “jump in” and invest,by helping you to evaluate the business opportunity, and the market potential for the business products or services.

Creating a Business Plan – I can assist you in drawing up a “Roadmap” – a business and marketing plan, which will help to guide you in allocating your financial capital and business time in the most efficient manner.

Setting up Systems and Processes – After you have decided on your new business investment, I can also assist you in setting up systems and processes that will help to operate your new business in the most efficient way.

Give me a call before you invest – it might save you a lot of money and avoid a Business Nightmare!

Operating a Successful Vending Business

Vending Industry Coaching

  • Are you currently running a vending operating business, and not getting the results that you had hoped for?
  • Are you finding it difficult to locate some successful sites for your drinks or snack or product vending machines?
  • Are you too busy filling your vending machines yourself, that you don’t have the time to find some additional profitable operating sites?
  • Are you experiencing too many machine malfunctions and customer complaints, and being called back to the site to provide refunds?
  • Are you finding it difficult to compete with the larger vending operators?
  • Are you actually making profits in your vending business, or have you just bought yourself a job?

How can I help you?

I am an experienced Business Coach, who spent 12 years running my own vending business. In 1995 , I purchased a struggling business which had some outdated snack machines, and some rented Coke machines, and over the next 10 years turned the business into the largest independent operator of vending machines in Victoria, operating 600 machines including major sites such as Melbourne Airport; The Royal Melbourne Hospital; and the NAB Headquarters at Docklands.

I was also a former President of the Australian Automatic Vending Association (NVA) in Melbourne.

12 years of business coaching experience

Since retiring from the business 12 years ago, I have spent my time coaching business owners to improve and build their businesses, and I have also worked closely with a number of Vending Machine businesses.

I am now available to work with a limited number of Vending Machine Operators in Melbourne, who will have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience about how I grew my business , and I will be able to coach you on how to organise and grow your vending business into a profitable and successful operation.

Give me a call and I can share my experience with you.